Specialist Insight wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2019


Reigate:  23 April 2019

Specialist Insight, an events and online publishing company that was launched from a garden shed in 2010, has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2019.

Specialist Insight Limited was launched in 2010. It is based in Reigate Surrey and employs 15 people. Louisa Whyte is co-founder and managing director.

The Awards are the most prestigious award a UK company can receive. Her Majesty The Queen personally approves the winners and they are designed to reward innovative companies of all sizes.

“We are delighted, if a little shocked, to have been chosen,” says Louisa Whyte, managing director of Specialist Insight. “We are a small company. When we launched in 2010, we never expected to be recognised like this.”

The company focuses on the business jet, helicopter, superyacht markets as well as the future of flight. It runs conferences and events in London, Dubai, Geneva, Singapore, Dorking, Miami and San Francisco.

The award was given to Specialist Insight for consistently growing exports by 550% over six years. Sales and profits have grown every year since launch. Overseas sales account for 85% of all its sales and it has paying customers in 48 countries.

“Being international means long days dealing with different time zones and a lot of travel,” but it also gives us some diversity – when the US business aviation market was down in 2012, China was growing fast for example,” says Louisa Whyte. “

On average the company visits 15 different countries a year – making at least 50 different trips a year. 

The 15-person team also includes staff from five different countries (UK, South Africa, Romania, Poland and India) and speaks nine different languages. 

The company has paying customers in almost 50 different countries. International sales accounted for 85% of the business in 2019.

The US is the biggest business jet market in the world – accounting for about 70% of the total fleet. It is also Specialist Insight’s biggest single export market followed by Switzerland, Canada, Malta and France. 

Contact: Louisa Whyte

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