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About us

We provide information and events to help people and companies grow.

We focus on distinct markets and bring them together.

Our separate brands – Corporate Jet InvestorAircraft Investor, Helicopter Investor and Superyacht Investor – are better known than the parent company.

Our customers include some of the world’s best and most exciting companies. They vary between the largest international banks and manufacturers to individual consultants and start-ups.

We have clients in more than 50 countries and have run events in London, Miami, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Johannesburg. Our team typically visits more than 15 countries a year.





Mergers & Acquisitions

Our strategy is to serve distinct international markets where these is a real need for connecting people and information and analysis. We are always happy to discuss possible acquisitions or disposals.

What we look for:

  • International – we like the diversity and growth opportunities this gives a business
  • Distinct markets – we add value by giving specialist advice and bringing together defined groups
  • Opportunity for multiple revenue streams – such as events, data, analysis, advertising
  • Synergies with existing products

If you are looking to sell a business that you think could be of interest to us please email: aw@corporatejetinvestor.com

This is perhaps the best organised, most professionally run conference I’ve attended.
— Robert Maass, Alley Maass Rogers & Lindsey

Ivie aderibigbe

Official Role: Marketing manager
Joined: 2015
Past experience: ZSL London Zoo, Hearst Magazines
Unofficial role: HR Manager
Interests: Music, DJing, Sleeping
Favourite city: Lagos, Nigeria
Favourite food: Home cooked
Favourite film: Ocean's 11




Alex Baldwin

Role: Reporter
Joined: 2017
Past experience: edie.net, Utility Week
Unofficial role: Gardener
Interests: Film, music, seeing new places
Favourite city: Tokyo, Japan
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite film: Badlands




maria bernard

Role: Delegate Manager
Joined: 2010
Past experience: Travel & Tourism
Unofficial role: 1st Place internal phone caller
Interests: Skiing, reading chilling, walking
Favourite city: Home
Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite film: Finding Nemo


hannah bestente

Role: Conference Manager
Joined: 2018
Past experience: PA roles in civil services, charity and higher education
Unofficial role: Question-asker
Interests: Outdoor exercise classes, singing, church
Favourite city: St Andrews, Scotland
Favourite food: Fish & chips
Favourite film: Chariots of Fire


Alud Davies

Role: Editor-at-large
Joined: 2013
Past experience: More than 10 years at an aviation consultancy
Unofficial role: IT support
Interests: Aircraft, Asia
Favourite city: Xi’an, China
Favourite food: Chinese and Thai
Favourite film: 37° 2 le matin


Rebecca Hawkins

Role: Conference Manager – Content
Joined: 2014
Past experience: Been here for ages
Unofficial role: Resident BT Correspondent - shouting match winner
Interests: Art – calligraphy
Favourite city: Paris, France
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite film: Charade


jim jones

Official Role: Managing editor
Joined: 2017
Past experience: Journalist, National Newspaper editor
Unofficial role: Party planner
Interests: France, vintage cars, model trains
Favourite city: Paris, France
Favourite food: Pork pies
Favourite film: Something foreign


erika nemes

Official Role: Business development manager
Joined: 2015
Past experience: Teacher, Nanny
Unofficial role: Arts & Crafts
Interests: Travelling, animals
Favourite city: Barcelona, Spain
Favourite food: Hungarian bean goulash
Favourite film: Inbetweeners


Rebecca Pearson

Official Role: Business development manager
Joined: 2014
Past experience: Lifelong member of Specialist Insight
Unofficial role: Party planner
Interests: Theatre, Long muddy country walks
Favourite city: Queenstown, New Zealand
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite film: About Time


Marilyn torrance

Official Role: Delegate Sales Manager
Joined: 2014
Past experience: Mother, Hotelier, Advertising Sales Manager
Unofficial role: CEO of Regional Office
Interests: Socialising, Cooking, Travelling & Extreme Sport
Favourite city: Sydney, Austrailia
Favourite food: Thai
Favourite film: Amelie



Official Role: Conference Manager
Joined: 2015
Past experience: Global Radio (Heart FM)
Unofficial role: Dog Whisperer
Interests: Dogs, fitness and theatre
Favourite city: The one with the cutest dogs
Favourite food: Sausages
Favourite film: Star Wars (in particular A New Hope)


Alasdair whyte

Official Role: Editor and founder
Joined: 2010
Past experience: Editor and publisher at Euromoney Institutional Investor
Unofficial role: Recycling
Interests: Family, rugby, nature, dog walking
Favourite city: Prefer country to cities
Favourite food: Indian
Favourite film: Dodgeball


LOuisa whyte

Official Role: Managing director
Joined: 2010
Past experience: Ran Airfinance Conferences
Unofficial role: Party girl
Interests: Theatre, Long muddy country walks
Favourite city: Cape Town, South Africa
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite film: 


bailey whyte

Official Role: Office Dog
Joined: 2017
Past experience: Lifelong member of Specialist Insight
Unofficial role: Operations Manager of free hugs
Interests: Very muddy country walks, Treats
Favourite city: Reigate
Favourite food: Big Mac
Favourite film: --



Making markets stronger by providing insight and bringing them together.


Fiercely independent and irreverent - We provide insight and networking in a fun way.

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